Two short stories:
"The dog" & "The car"

2 short stories

Story Nu.1;

I saw few days ego in the subway station a bald man, with tight black uniforms, high black shiny boots, a military black cap with a small pin and a black tie with the Wermacht symbol on it. He had a big black dog with a muzzles(מחסום פה). 
I passed next to him. He didn't see me and I stared at him till I began to see small black dots. I was dizzy. Then our eyes met. I was terrified. 
I held a book in Hebrew. I went faster to the other side of the very empty station. I looked in his direction and waited for him to come, but he didn´t come.
On the train I sat where I could see him. I stared openly at him. I thought about things I could say to him.

Story Nu.2;

As I rode my bicycle today I went down the road and rode in front of a car too early. It was my mistake, but not such a big one.
The driver got very angry and shouted something in German. I didn't look at him. I continued driving, feeling a bit bad, but not too bad because it was all not that bad. The driver slowed down his car, drove next to me and shouted at me more and more. I got more and more angry until, 
without looking in his direction I shouted to him in Hebrew: "Tamshich linsoa, ya Nazi" (keep on driving, you Nazi).
The driver became quiet, stayed there for few long seconds and then continued driving. Only at that point I saw the driver was not a man but a woman and she was very old.

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